Welcome to St Denis´ Catholic Parish in Joondanna, Western Australia. We hope this website is informative for both parishioners and visitors alike.

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Parish Priest
Parish Priest - Father Peter Porteous OSM
Fr Peter Porteous OSM

The Five Year Vision Program was launched on the weekend of May 16/17 2015. It started with the announcement of the Westside Development.
Click on the link to see more details Westside Development details

Payment of Pledges Options:

Cash/cheque Please hand to Father Peter or in to the Parish Office. (Those wanting to be anonymous can hand it in to Father Peter or Ben.)
Please make cheques payable to ´Saint Denis Catholic Parish Westside Development´
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Account name ´Saint Denis Catholic Parish Westside Development´
BSB: 066-117      Account Number: 10284717
Please put your name or telephone number in the Customer Reference field. (If anonymous, write ´ANON´ followed by the first four digits of your telephone number or the first two letters of your email address.)
Other If you are not sure, please hand money to Father Peter

See below for news items, upcoming events in the Event Calendar; and notices highlighting special events.

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WESTSIDE DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 25-JAN-2017: The lawn has been planted and has taken well. The lawn edging is currently going in. Next the garden will be planted. We are currently in the process of getting quotes to re-lay the paving and install drains to the soakwell. The plaques have been engraved and awaiting installation. The garden bench seating is ready for installation.

AIR CONDITIONING: The church building has now been airconditioned. Both heating and cooling are provided by reverse cycle airconditioning units. These have made a huge difference to the weekend services allowing the parishioners to concentrate more on their worship rather than have the distractions of shivering or fanning themselves. The cost of running the airconditioners has been offset by the power generated by the solar panels on the church roof.

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Special Event Notices

Volunteers Needed!

Work is being undertaken to remove five Cook Pines, one Coral tree and a number of other smaller trees. This work will be done over two Saturdays starting at 8am.

Volunteers need to register to help with the trimming, stacking, sorting and storing of branches and trunk pieces in readiness for the City of Stirling's greens verge collection starting 20 June. Contact Ben on 0407 088 431 if you can help.